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After breast augmentation surgery – or any surgical procedure for that matter – getting plenty of rest is paramount to ensuring a smooth recovery. But getting comfortable and enjoying the quality and quantity of sleep your body needs during recovery isn’t always easy.

Over the years, Coppergate Clinic patients have fed back their breast augmentation recuperation progress to our surgeons. Here we share patient tips along with the advice of our highly experienced breast surgeons, to help you achieve a comfortable, restful, restorative night’s sleep – and in doing so minimise your breast augmentation surgery recovery time.

Why is sleep so important?

As relaxing as it may be, putting your feet up and resting your eyes simply isn’t as good for post-surgical recovery as a great night’s sleep. During sleep, your body undergoes a series of physiological changes and enters a state of repair and true rejuvenation. In day-to-day life, good quality sleep allows the body to stay fit and well, replacing damaged cells and fighting any bugs and illnesses we might pick up.

Following surgery, sleep becomes more important still, giving your body the opportunity to focus on healing itself, reducing inflammation and more efficiently sending blood to the muscles and tissues that need it most. With so many incredible benefits, sleep can even function as a low-level pain medicine, speeding along the healing process and increasing your comfort along the way – so it really is worth doing what you can to safeguard your sleep.

What’s the best way to sleep after breast augmentation surgery?

Preparing for and recovering from breast augmentation surgery can be an emotional, anxious time as you try to ready your body and mind for the often life-changing procedure. We all know that getting to sleep and staying asleep can be tricky if we’re worried or stressed and that these feelings can have a huge impact on our ability to sleep well.

Ahead of any breast surgery, Coppergate Clinic surgeons always arrange for multiple consultations to ensure patients have plenty of time to ask questions, raise concerns and then have time to digest and reflect on the information before meeting again. We find that allowing patients plenty of time and opportunity to run through all aspects of surgery in detail does wonders for calming pre-surgery nerves. Going into a procedure well informed, with all your questions answered and under the care of a team you wholeheartedly trust does enable patients to enjoy the treatment journey and approach surgery calm, relaxed and well rested.

Keep moving

Whilst post-surgery R&R is essential, so too is staying mobile. Gently pottering around your home after surgery not only ensures your physical health and recovery but is positive for your mental health and sleep patterns too. Light movement through the daytime is proven to improve the quality and duration of your sleep through the night. But remember, moderate to intense exercise should be avoided completely until your surgeon advises you otherwise. 

What’s the best position to sleep in after breast augmentation surgery?

In the days immediately after your breast surgery procedure, you will be required to sleep on your back to allow the surgical incisions to heal and your implants to safely settle into position. If you are generally a side or stomach sleeper, it can be a little tricky to get comfortable and sleep well on your back. One of the best ways to ensure a comfortable transition is to practise sleeping on your back in the days and weeks ahead of surgery. By getting in the habit of sleeping in this position, you’ll find it much easier to sleep well after your breast augmentation.

Generally speaking, your surgeon will also advise you to sleep on your back, with your upper body slightly elevated post-surgery. The easiest way to achieve the optimum position is to prop yourself up in bed with extra pillows, or to sleep in a reclining chair. By keeping your upper body elevated in this way, you will reduce breast swelling and soreness. The position also makes it much easier for you to get in and out of bed without needing to rely on your upper body strength. 

What can I do if I can’t sleep on my back?

Whilst back-sleeping is by far the best position for post-operative healing after your breast augmentation surgery, in some cases your surgeon may approve you sleeping on your side, provided the right precautions are taken. If you choose to sleep on our side, your surgeon may well recommend using a pillow under your breasts to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on the incisions and implants, as well as possibly suggesting an alternative surgical bra to the one recommended for sleeping on your back.  

How can I find out more?

It’s normal to have dozens of questions about post-surgery recovery about topics such as how to sleep after breast augmentation surgery and our friendly team is on hand 24 hours a day to help. If you can make a list of questions ahead of your consultations that’s a great place to start. But if anything crops up along the way, we are always available to reassure and guide you. To arrange a consultation with one of our highly experienced plastic surgeons please contact our front of house team who will be delighted to assist you.

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