Mini Abdominoplasty

A mini-abdominoplasty, also referred to as a mini tummy tuck, is recommended for patients who have excess skin in the area of the tummy below the naval. A mini tummy tuck is the ideal procedure to correct a small overhang of skin and fat that may be associated with a C-section or hysterectomy scar.

To see the greatest improvement after your mini tummy tuck, you may wish to combine the treatment with liposuction and lower abdominal wall tightening. This treatment does not affect skin laxity that may be present above the naval.



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  • who is the ideal mini abdominoplasty patient?

    A mini tummy tuck, or mini-abdominoplasty, is recommended for patients who have excess skin in the area of their tummy just below the naval.

    Our surgeons recommend a mini tummy tuck procedure to correct the small overhang of skin and fat that is often left on the lower half of the tummy following a C-section or hysterectomy. A mini tummy tuck is a cost-effective way to rebuild your confidence and can be combined with liposuction or lower abdominal wall tightening to improve the lower tummy area.

  • how is the procedure carried out?

    A detailed consultation with a consultant plastic surgeon is essential prior to undergoing any surgical procedure.

    During the consultation, your surgeon will discuss any problem areas, desired improvements, options available (including no treatment at all), mini tummy tuck costs and expected outcomes following a mini tummy tuck.

    Should a mini-abdominoplasty be agreed upon as the most suitable treatment, the procedure will be carried out by your surgeon in our newly refurbished operating theatre. A series of photographs will be taken to show your mini tummy tuck before and after results.

    Following careful marking, the anaesthetic is administered and incisions are made low down (below the bikini line) that will remove any existing scars at the lower part of the abdomen.

    The skin is gently undermined and stretched down to neaten the lower part of the tummy. The wounds are then carefully closed with dissolving stitches. Discrete dressings are then applied.

    During the mini tummy tuck procedure, you will be looked after by our highly experienced and caring medical team.

  • how does the procedure feel?

    The mini tummy tuck surgery may be performed under a local or a general anaesthetic to ensure the patient’s total comfort for the duration of the procedure.

  • Will the area be painful after surgery?

    It is usual to experience some mild discomfort following a mini tummy tuck procedure, but this will settle as normal healing progresses.

  • is there any downtime?

    After the surgery, you will be able to go home on the same day. Showering may commence on the day after surgery as the dressings are waterproof. We will provide you with any garments that may be required.

    Gentle exercise may be commenced after a couple of weeks, slowly building up intensity over six weeks. You will be seen by our medical team for review one week after surgery. Our medical team are available around the clock to answer any concerns that you may have in the weeks following your procedure.

  • will the skin in my upper abdomen be tighter?

    A mini tummy tuck procedure mainly targets the skin in the lower part of the tummy. This means, there will be no significant reduction in skin laxity at the upper part of the tummy. If this area is of concern you would be better considering a full abdominoplasty.

  • Can this be combined with liposuction?

    Yes, it is certainly possible to have liposuction either on the tummy or other areas of the body.

  • where will the scar be?

    Usually the scar can be placed within your bikini line. If you have an existing C section scar this will be removed and the new scar placed beneath this.


Lower Stomach

Anaesthetic Type

The procedure is carried out under local or general anaesthetic to ensure the patient's total comfort for the duration of the procedure

Procedure Time

60 minutes


Incisions are made low down (below the bikini line) and the skin is gently stretched down


Following surgery, patient's should expect to see a neater lower abdomen with reduced skin laxity at the treatment site


After the surgery, you will be able to go home on the same day. Showering may commence on the day after surgery as the dressings are waterproof


Excess skin is permanently removed


From £4,200

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