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Our range of in-clinic, medical-grade Obagi Facials are designed to be used in conjunction with Obagi Medical at-home, prescription-only products. Coppergate Clinic’s Obagi facials present an effective solution for ageing skin and acne without the need for multiple treatments.

When our medical facials are combined with home-products, the result is a reduction in the appearance of premature skin ageing, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage.Following your Obagi facial, you should experience a brightening of the skin, reduced acne and the tightening of lines and wrinkles.

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  • What are Obagi Medical Facials?

    Obagi Medical facials refer to the range of specialist, skin-perfecting, in-clinic treatments at Coppergate Clinic. Obagi facials are offered alongside our comprehensive range of Obagi at-home prescription-only skincare to maximise your results.

  • How do Obagi facials work?

    The active, prescription-strength ingredients hydroquinone and tretinoin, along with the unique patented deep penetrating system, make Obagi facials a truly special treatment. These medical facials are the industry ‘gold standard’, transforming the skin at a deep cellular level to deliver optimum results.

  • Which Obagi facials are offered at Coppergate Clinic?

    Coppergate Clinic is pleased to offer a total of three Obagi treatments in our clinic. It is worth noting that all of our medical facials must be taken in conjunction with the appropriate course of at-home Obagi Medical skincare.

    Our Obagi facials include:

    • Obagi Signature Facial
    • Obagi Hydrate Facial
    • Obagi Enrich Blue Radiance Peel.
  • What results should I expect after my Obagi facials?

    Our Coppergate Clinic practitioners will tailor a bespoke package of Obagi Medical Facials and homecare products based on the results you’re looking to achieve. Your tailored plan of medical facials will work to rejuvenate the skin, improve skin quality, remove wrinkles, improve acne scarring and/or remove sunspots as well as mild and severe pigmentations.

    After Obagi Facials, enlarged pores, blemishes and imperfections will be visibly reduced, and skin will be left more radiant and glowing.

  • Am I suitable for Obagi Facials?

    Obagi Medical Facials and products can be tailored to the specific needs of any age, gender and skin type.

    If you’re interested in medical facials, contact Coppergate Clinic, and we can chat through the different options available to you.

  • Why are the products that are used in conjunction with Obagi Facials prescription only?<

    Obagi skincare products require a medical prescription as they contain 4% hydroquinone. It is critical that our in-clinic medical facials are supported by the prescription products that are to be used at home. This ensures optimum results following your Obagi Facial.



Anaesthetic Type

Occasionally mild discomfort may be experienced. Requires no anaesthetic

Procedure Time

45 minutes


The Facials incorporate active ingredients hydroquinone and tretinoin to transform the skin at a deep, cellular level


Skin imperfections will be visibly (often dramatically) reduced and skin will be rejuvenated, more radiant and glowing


Differs across the range of Obagi Medical Facials- your Aesthetician will discuss in detail during your consultation


Differs across the range of Obagi Medical Facials- your Aesthetician will discuss in detail during your consultation


Obagi Facials £57.50Obagi Blue Radiance Peel £112.50

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