In the last twenty years the popularity of plastic surgery and non-surgical anti-ageing treatments has grown rapidly, with a vast array of medical, dental and cosmetic clinics now providing Botox and other aesthetic procedures. Wading through so much choice to identify the right, experienced surgeon or medical practitioner for treatment can seem like a daunting task but if you’re considering an cosmetic treatment of any nature, you owe it to yourself to be well informed.

Over more than a decade we’ve formed an outstanding, national reputation for cosmetic procedures and exemplary customer care. But we’d rather you didn’t just take our word for it! Here are just some of the questions you should be asking before proceeding with a treatment of any nature-

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Choosing the right practitoner and clinic

Seek personal recommendations

Do you have a friend or colleague who has undergone the same procedure you are considering who might be able to recommend their own surgeon or practitioner? Asking people you trust for personal recommendation is often a great place to start. If you’d like to speak to any of our clients about their treatment experiences and results we would be delighted to help put you in touch.

Do your research

Contact lots of clinics and talk to their teams- you’ll get a great idea of their expertise and efficiency by making an initial email or telephone enquiry. At Coppergate Clinic our Front of House team are friendly, discreet and efficient and will always answer enquiries as promptly and thoroughly as possible, before arranging a consultation with one of our specialists.

Prioritise value over price

You should not expect to be given an exact price for surgery or advanced aesthetic treatment via phone or email as this requires a thorough face-to-face consultation. Prices between clinics may vary but try to bear in mind that there is a difference between a cheap treatment and a good value treatment; be wary of cut-price deals and offers, which may be a reflection of corners being cut in standards, insurance and aftercare. Unlike many other clinics, we do not run promotions or vouchers through external sites, choosing instead to focus on delivering the very best treatments and exemplary customer care.

Book consultations

When you’ve shortlisted a couple of surgeons or practitioners, book a consultation to discuss your needs. An expert practitioner should leave you feeling completely informed on the appropriate options available, risks and benefits explained in detail and all questions answered fully. You should be under no obligation to proceed with treatment until absolutely happy to do so. At Coppergate Clinic, we actively encourage prospective clients to do their research before making a decision to undergo treatment and insist on conducting at least one thorough, complimentary consultation for surgical and non-surgical treatment- without obligation prior to every treatment. As well as helping us to find a solution that’s best suited to your needs, skin type and condition, consultations give the perfect opportunity to get answers to those burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Get to know your practitioner

Your consultation provides a great opportunity to ask the surgeon or practitioner for more details on their experience, qualifications and medical indemnity insurance. We’re always delighted to share details of the training and qualifications we’ve studied hard to achieve, as well as the details of our comprehensive medical cover.

For further information on any of the topics covered, or to book a complimentary consultation, without obligation, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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