Age Spots

Most commonly, age spots occur as a result of excess production of melanin, or skin pigment. There is no definite reason as to why age spots occur, although it is believed that ageing of the skin, exposure to the sun, and other forms of ultraviolet (UV) exposure, like the ones provided from tanning beds, could be potentially contributing to the development of age/skin sun spots.

Most people tend to develop age spots on the parts of the skin that receive the most sunlight and exposure to the sun, such as: face, back of hands, shoulders, upper back, and forearms.

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Age spots can be described as flat brown, grey, or even black spots on the surface of the skin. Age spots can also be referred to as skin sun spots or liver spots. While most age spots are not dangerous and don’t cause any health risk problems, some people prefer to get these spots, particular age spots on the face, removed due to their appearance.

Here at Coppergate Clinic, we offer a range of treatments for age spots, even age spots on the face, such as Dermalux Light Therapy, Obagi Medical Facials, Peels and Resurfacers, and IPL treatments. To find out more about our age spot treatments, get in touch today.

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