Z Plasty Neck Lift

Ideally suited to the male patient who has concerns mainly centred around the anterior neck area, Z plasty neck lift surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic and involves removing the excess skin under the neck and chin.

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  • What is a z plasty neck lift?

    A Z plasty neck lift is a surgical procedure that has been specifically designed for men who have concerns around excess skin on their neck. This Z plasty surgery is named as so due to the vertical Z shaped incision made along the neck during this procedure.

  • How is the procedure carried out?

    As every client’s skin and required goals are unique, a detailed consultation with a consultant plastic surgeon is essential prior to undergoing any procedure of this nature, particularly for procedures like a Z plasty neck lift. During the consultation your surgeon will discuss any problem areas, desired improvements, options available (including no treatment at all) and expected outcomes.

    There are many different types of face/neck lifts. Therefore, careful evaluation of your face and discussion of your needs is essential in selecting the most appropriate technique.

    With a surgical face/and or neck lift, the deeper tissues of the face are lifted and tightened and several centimetres of skin are removed. The different types of face lift will give different results and it is therefore very important to appreciate what each procedure will, and more importantly, won’t do.

    Should Z plasty neck lift surgery be agreed upon as the most suitable course of treatment, the procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and involves removing the excess skin under the neck and chin. A Z plasty neck lift is then undertaken to redirect the scar and improve the outcome. Any fatty tissue may be reduced with either gentle liposuction or direct excision. The muscles at the front of the neck can be tightened, adding to the improved appearance. The skin edges are then carefully closed and light dressings applied.

    Throughout the Z plasty surgery, you will be looked after by our highly skilled and caring medical team.

  • What results should I expect?

    Following the Z plasty surgery, you should expect a tighter, improved appearance of the neck area.

    Scarring is as discreet as possible, with the surgical incision having been placed within the natural creases of the skin.

  • How does the procedure feel?

    Z plasty surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic to ensure your total comfort for the duration of the procedure.

  • Is there any downtime?

    Recovery is fairly quick with most patients experiencing only minor discomfort and bruising.

    It is recommended that the day after surgery is treated as a rest day and advisable to refrain from exercise for 7-14 days post-procedure. With bruising likely for around one week post procedure, some patients prefer to take this time off work but this is entirely personal preference.

    The sutures are gently removed after one week and advice given on further care. The true results of the procedure should be visible at the point the sutures are removed.

  • What pre and post-procedure advice must I follow?


    We are governed by CQC guidelines which state a consultation must be carried out prior to any surgical appointment being booked. The consultation must be conducted at least 2 weeks, but not more than 4 months prior to the surgery.

    Contact lenses should be removed prior to arrival at the clinic.


    Patients should not drive for 24 hours post-procedure, therefore arrangements for a taxi or driver should be made.

    It is necessary to avoid shaving until the stitches are removed one week post op. It is essential to start massaging the neck with moisturising cream as directed by your surgeon to soften the scars.

  • When will I be able to shave again?

    After Z plasty surgery, stitches are removed a week later. Shaving over the stitches is not recommended as it makes removing them very difficult. After the stitches are removed, the beard may be carefully trimmed.

  • My wife has a turkey neck. Would this be a good option for her?

    Scar tissue in men usually settles well, however, in women it can be very noticeable and so, this procedure is not recommended. She would be better served with a conventional neck lift.

  • Will this improve my jowls?

    No, a Z plasty neck lift is only going to improve the front of the neck. It is a really good option for men.



Anaesthetic Type

Surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic to ensure the client’s total comfort for the duration of the procedure

Procedure Time

120 minutes


Excess skin under the neck and chin is removed before a Z Plasty Neck Lift is undertaken to redirect the scar and improve the outcome


Once sutures are removed one week after the procedure, Patients should expect skin to appear a tighter, improved appearance of the neck area


Patients are advised to treat day 1 post-op as a rest day, refraining from exercise for 14 days. Bruising should be expected for around 7 days after the procedure.


Excess skin is permanently removed



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