VASER Liposuction

A ground-breaking alternative to the more invasive techniques of traditional liposuction, VASER Liposuction uses innovative ultrasound technology to effectively reshape, contour and sculpt the body.

VASER Liposuction’s industry leading system differentiates fatty tissue from other important tissue structures such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue to break up fat while preserving other important tissues. This targeted technique of liposuction achieves excellent body sculpting results with reduced downtime.



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  • what is VASER Liposuction?

    Liposuction is a plastic surgery technique to remove excess fat from under the skin by suction. It is usually carried out on areas of the body where stubborn fat deposits collect, such as the hips, thighs, abdomen, and the underside of the arms.

    VASER stands for ‘Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance’. This is a liposuction technique that uses ultrasound waves to break up and liquify fat cells, making them easier to extract. The liquified fat can then be drawn out through a needle, resulting in less damage to nearby tissues compared to traditional liposuction.

  • How does VASER Liposuction work?

    VASER Liposuction features minimally invasive innovative ultrasound technology to precisely target and remove unwanted fat.

    Taking advantage of the ultrasound energy and the heat produced by the VASER probe, the plastic surgeon can strategically melt the fat before extracting it, achieving far better results and causing less trauma than traditional liposuction, where the fat is not melted.

    For this reason, VASER Liposuction is considered far superior to traditional liposuction.

  • How is the procedure carried out?

    A detailed consultation with a consultant plastic surgeon is essential prior to undergoing a VASER Liposuction procedure. During the consultation, your surgeon will discuss any problem areas, desired improvements, options available (including no treatment at all), and expected outcomes. It is vital that prospective VASER Liposuction patients understand the expectations and limitations on end results before deciding to proceed with the procedure.

    Should VASER Liposuction surgery be agreed upon as the most suitable treatment, the procedure will be carried out by your surgeon in our state-of-the-art operating theatre.

    Following the administration of an appropriate anaesthetic, a tumescent solution is injected into the area being treated. This helps to numb the sensation and break down fat cells, as well as reduce bleeding. A small probe is then inserted through an incision. It emits ultrasound waves to break down and liquefy fat cells. The liquified fat is then gently extracted through a cannula.

    The length of your VASER liposuction can vary from one to several hours depending on the extent of your treatment. After the procedure, you will be taken to a recovery area to allow the effects of the sedation or anaesthetic to wear off.

  • what are the advantages of VASER Liposuction technology?

    VASER Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, as it requires only minor incisions to be made and leaves minimal scarring without the need for stitches. As a result, VASER Liposuction is less traumatic than traditional liposuction, and it causes less bleeding and bruising. Other advantages include:

    – Faster recovery times – you may be able to return to work sooner than after traditional liposuction (depending on the extent of your treatment)

    – Selective fat targeting – the ultrasound waves only break down fat cells, meaning nearby structures such as blood vessels and nerves are less likely to be damaged

  • Is VASER Liposuction safe?

    Liposuction is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure and the VASER technique has been in use for over 15 years. VASER liposuction has been proven to be safe and it causes minimal side effects. It has also been shown to cause less blood loss than traditional liposuction, especially when larger areas are being treated.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    The procedure is carried out in clinic in a single treatment. Some improvement is immediately visible with results continuing to develop for several months as your skin tightens and your body produces more collagen.

  • What is the downtime?

    VASER Liposuction patients are usually able to leave on the day of surgery to continue recovery and recuperation within the comfort of a familiar home environment. Patients will be discharged from the clinic wearing drains and a compression garment (and 4D vest if advised). The drains will stay in place for 48 – 72 hours as advised by your surgeon. The compression garment is provided to control post-operative swelling and must be worn as instructed by your surgeon. The garment must be worn at all times but may be removed briefly twice daily for showering or to carry out ultrasound treatments at home*.

    For the first 48 hours after surgery patients should expect significant leakage from incision sites. Whilst the fluid may appear red, it is mostly anaesthetic solution and saline and only around 1% blood. In general, the more leakage, the less bruising and swelling there will be. Leakage may continue for some days after the procedure, particularly where surgery has been more extensive.

    Recovery time will vary depending on the areas that have been treated and how much fat has been removed. Your surgeon will help to give you an idea of what to expect. For the first 12-24 hours after surgery, patients should rest, before resuming gentle daily activities on day 2 or 3. Normal activities should resume as tolerated. If surgery has been more extensive this may take up to 10-14 days.

    Some swelling will usually remain around the treatment area for up to six weeks and there may also be some bruising or numbness during this time.


Neck and Chin
Buttocks and Hips
Knees and Ankles

Anaesthetic Type

The procedure is carried out under general or twilight (and very occasionally local) anaesthetic to ensure the patient's total comfort for the duration

Procedure Time

1 hour +


The advanced liposution technique uses ultrasound waves to break up and liquify fat cells, making them easier to extract


Results can be seen fully after 2-3 months, when the inflammation has subsided. By 6 months post surgery, skin will have fully tightened over the area to reveal a more contoured, sculpted treatment area


Patients are advised to treat 1-2 days post-op as rest days (in come cases more rest days will be recommended by your surgeon), refraining from exercise for 14 days. Swelling should be expected for up to 8 weeks following surgery


VASER Liposuction is a single treatment procedure



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