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Private Skin Cancer Service

Coppergate Clinic Consultant Plastic Surgeons Mr James Smith and Mr Chris West are pleased to offer mole removal (with or without histology, as appropriate). Both James and Chris are consultants within the Regional Plastic Surgery centre in Leeds and attend the specialised skin cancer, sarcoma, and the melanoma multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDTs).

Whether a prominent mole is causing you to feel self-conscious, or you are concerned by a change of shape, size or colour of a mole, our mole removal procedure and private skin cancer service may be a good place to start. Where necessary, mole removal at Coppergate Clinic incorporates a diagnostic biopsy service, following which we are able to offer definitive treatments and advice.

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  • What private skin cancer treatment is offered at the clinic?

    At the clinic, we have been joined by Mr James Smith and Mr Chris West who are able to offer a full private skin cancer service.

    Through our two new consultants, we offer a private skin cancer treatment service for patients who would like:

    – To explore a faster skin cancer treatment process

    – To be diagnosed, treated, and reviewed privately


  • Do you offer advice on pigmented lesions and moles?

    Our skin specialists are able to offer opinions on pigmented lesions and moles.Digital dermoscopy is utilised to assess and monitor moles, enabling our specialists to give you their expert opinion on what action, if any, needs to be taken.

    If surgical removal is desired or indicated this will be done with the reassurance that it is being performed by a highly skilled plastic surgeon to give the best outcome possible.

    Any long term cancer follow up can also be provided at the clinic with the knowledge that we have direct links to the regional cancer services.


  • I have medical insurance, can I use this to cover the cost of treatment?

    If the treatment is for medical rather than cosmetic reasons then the major health insurance companies generally cover this. Occasionally they will request a report on the proposed treatment and you will have to check your policy to check what they will cover.



Anaesthetic Type

Application of local anaesthetic at the treatment site ensures total comfort for the duration of the procedure

Procedure Time

60 - 120 mins


Following assessment and diagnostic biopsy services, moles and pigmented lesions are carefully surgically removed


Moles or pigmented lesions are carefully removed ensuring scarring will be as discreet as possible


Following surgery, patients are usually able to return home that day


Patient dependent, to be discussed during initial consultation


From£650 - £2,500

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