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Whether through childbirth, injury, or previous surgery of any nature, most people have a scar somewhere on their body. For many of us, these scars are of no concern- we may even be quite proud or fond of them! For others, however, scars can negatively impact body confidence and hold us back.

Repairing facial scars

Reducing the appearance of visible scars on a patient’s face can completely transform how a person feels about themselves and the world around them. Many people can suffer from psychological health problems when their face is scarred from an incident or accident. Scars can also affect the movement of muscles in the face which can prevent people from expressing themselves. Scar revision surgery can increase a patient’s facial mobility, as well as give people back the face that they recognise, which can vastly improve their mental health and close the book on their trauma.

Repairing scars on the body

Many people carry scars on their bodies from incidents, accidents, and operations they have had in their life. These scars can affect the way they see themselves, and even change the way they dress to hide them. A scar that commonly leaves patients dissatisfied is that of a caesarean section or c-section following child birth. C-section scars on the lower abdomen can often be improved with further surgery and more deliberate scar placement. Where a pocket of fat occurs over such scars, a mini tummy tuck may be another alternative course of treatment.

How does plastic surgery for scars work?

This is an excellent question – given any surgical procedure will leave a scar, it seems strange to have surgery to revise one!

Our talented surgeons will carefully plan the best way to remove scar tissue without adding new scars that would need to be addressed later.

Following the administration of anaesthetic, one of our surgeons will carefully excise the scar tissue and resuture the wound. They may use long-lasting stitches underneath the skin to support the new scar as it heals, minimising its appearance.

A technique called subcision can also be used to release scars that are tethered and indented to the skin, to reduce the amount of scar tissue. Subcision uses a small needle to release the scar from the tight bands of tissue beneath the top layer of skin making the area soft again. Scar tissue can be further reduced using dermabrasion on the skin around the scar, making it look similar to the skin surrounding it.

Plastic & cosmetic surgery scar removal with Coppergate Clinic

Scar removal is one of the most rewarding surgeries we perform at Coppergate Clinic. It can make a huge difference to the way a person feels about themselves and can make a huge positive change in their life. If you are interested in cosmetic scar removal please get in touch with our team so we can discuss your options with you.

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