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Renuvion is an innovative skin tightening treatment which precisely contracts subcutaneous soft tissue using the safely harnessed power of helium plasma. It leaves minimal scarring, and requires little to no recovery time, it is therefore unsurprising that it is an extremely popular option for those wishing to sculpt or contour their body. 


The Science Behind Renuvion: 

 In the past surgeons had to cut tissue away to tighten sagging skin, however this is no longer required due to the development of Renuvion. Remarkably, the addition of Renuvion only adds a few more minutes per area to a standard liposuction case. So, what exactly is it? Renuvion is an FDA approved, patented technology that is the result of extensive scientific research and clinical development. Also known as J-Plasma, it involves a combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency being emitted simultaneously through a wand to stimulate tissue contraction, by heating fibrous bands directly beneath the skin to a specific temperature. Scientists have discovered that 80°C or more is the optimum temperature for maximum contracture and Renuvion delivers an instant 85°C strike of energy to the subcutaneous fibres. Data shows that this temperature is sustained for a sufficient amount of time to attain maximum contraction and once this is achieved the base temperature is then instantly restored. In fact, the temperature reduces so quickly that the external skin temperature (which increases by less than 4°C during the procedure) returns to its original temperature in less than 0.75 seconds.  

Is Renuvion a standalone treatment?

This system is so innovative as it allows surgeons to resurface the skin from above whilst tightening and shrinking from below the skin’s surface. It can be used with or without liposuction however here at Coppergate it is typically used in conjunction with liposuction as this helps to create the channels for the probe to be inserted into amongst other reasons. It is completed in a single treatment, the results are immediately visible after the procedure, and they continue to improve for several months after. Furthermore, on top of its ability to stimulate contraction, science also shows that Renuvion technology can also be used to promote Neocollagenesis (the collagen rebuilding process). 

How is Renuvion Carried Out?  

After a consultation with one of our consultant plastic surgeons has taken place and Renuvion has been deemed appropriate, the patient then comes in for their procedure, which begins by the marking up of treatment area(s). Following this, anaesthetic (often a combination of general and local) is administered, and the probe is inserted into the tissue through tiny incisions. Once inserted, the probe releases helium plasma and radio frequency energy into the tissue to stimulate the tightening. Following this the edges of the incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches and light dressings are also applied. Patients are then often able to leave later the same day to recover in the comfort of their own homes, which is thanks in part to the advanced anaesthetic techniques used here at Coppergate.  

What Should I Expect After Renuvion?

 Because this procedure is only minimally invasive, scarring and recovery times are also reduced. During recovery the post-surgical swelling gradually subsides, and the incision lines slowly fade. It is, as always, imperative that patients follow their surgeon’s instructions and attend follow-up appointments in order to achieve optimal results. The downtime varies from person to person and is dependent on the location and size of the treatment area. For instance, for patients targeting smaller areas such as their chin it is possible that there may be very little downtime, but for larger areas such as the abdomen or thighs, patients could be advised to treat day one post-op as a rest day and to refrain from exercise for at least fourteen days. Bruising should typically be expected from around seven days and normally showering is permitted on the second post-operative day, but, as always, it varies from patient to patient as everyone responds differently. 

Is Renuvion Right for Me?

 As with all of our procedures at Coppergate, each patient must be assessed for suitability, with the full range of treatment options discussed prior to a treatment plan being decided. Because each patient is totally unique it is important to realise that individual results will vary, and patients should be wary of expecting the same results as other patients. Furthermore, there are of course associated risks with any procedure and prospective patients should do ample research before committing to anything. Crucially, they should ensure that they seek out and select a well-qualified surgeon and ensure that they are working in a trusted and reputable clinic. Coppergate Clinic has a large team of talented and experienced surgeons and the clinic itself has been awarded an ‘Outstanding’ award for patient care by the CQC. For those considering embarking upon any procedure, Coppergate is an excellent place to start.  


If you would like to discuss Renuvion and the wider range of body sculpting surgery options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly front of house team on 01904 675222. 

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