Patient Liaison Assistant

Originally from York, Patient Liaison Assistant, Anna lived and worked in London for 6 years, before being lured back to Yorkshire by the promise of a more peaceful existence in the countryside.

Anna joined Coppergate Clinic in 2023, immediately proving herself as an asset within the tight knit front of house team. Bubbly and warm by nature, Anna’s calm and composed manner ensures patients are made welcome and taken care of from the moment they make contact with the clinic. Anna thrives on meeting new people and is truly people-centric in every sense of the word.

Outside of her role at Coppergate Clinic, Anna has a keen interest in all things skincare and recharges by walking for miles and cooking up feasts for family and friends.

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Professional experience

During her time in the capital, Anna amassed extensive customer service experience while working for wedding list company ‘The Wedding Shop’, helping couples choose and co-ordinate their gift lists.

Whilst employed within this role, Anna honed her skills in diplomacy and negotiation, whilst becoming adept at juggling the demands of multiple customer accounts.

Areas of Specialism

Patient journey coordination

Overseeing the smooth running of the clinic

Assisting with all aspects of the Clinic’s front of house

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