Katie Chidsey

Theatre Manager

Theatre Manager, Katie, was appointed as Coppergate Clinic’s full time Theatre Manager in 2021, joining the team with over 14 years experience gained in NHS operating theatres. Within the operational aspect of her role, Katie is responsible for overseeing theatre staffing, equipment, maintenance and replenishment. Katie also works closely with patients prior to undergoing surgery to ensure all pre-assessment information is accurate and complete prior to the date of surgery.

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Professional experience

Katie began working in theatres in 2008, initially as a Healthcare Assistant, before very quickly being seconded to train as an Operating Department Practitioner. Upon qualifying as an ODP, Katie went on to work within a number of NHS trusts and private hospitals across the region. She was made Deputy Team Leader in PACU (Post Anaesthetic Care Unit) at York District Hospital between 2018-2021 and was the first ever ODP to be employed within the unit.

Over the course of her career, Katie has worked in various specialities including acutes, trauma, orthopaedics and maternity services, across all three disciplines (anaesthetics, scrub and recovery).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Katie worked within various Intensive Care Units.

Areas of Specialism

Operational theatre management including staffing, equipment and maintenance

Patient pre-assessment

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